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Questions whose
answers you should know

1What is a website?
A website is a market tool, mainly dedicated to the fulfillment of a series of objectives, these are usually the following:
  • Inform the public about the commercial offer of the company or the purpose of the venture.
  • Spreading the advertising message is paramount.
  • Interact with the users of the site (potential and real customers).
  • Receive purchase orders, budget requests, online pre-registrations and other necessary functions.
  • Accept online payments.
  • Sell online.
2What type of website do I need?
The needs of companies are totally different in relation to the products they sell or services they offer. They vary according to their colors and corporate image.
  • Landing Page / Onepage: All the information is on the main page. It’s ideal for small businesses; landing pages for digital marketing campaigns, page of events or pages of natural persons.
  • Multi Page Website: This simple website allows you to have all the sections you want, and more than one side; merely informative, with a current and fresh design. The interaction with users is limited to receiving and answering emails from them.
  • Online Store (E-commerce):The virtual store is ideal for customers who wish to display products on their website and receive purchase orders; however, it is also used as a catalog of services and purchase requests can be received as a budget request.
3What is required to make a Website?
The requirements to create your website are:
  • Information: You must have at hand and in an orderly manner the data you want to place on your site, such as: slogan, mission, vision, objectives, features, products, promotions, among others.
  • Images: All images or non-text elements must be in PNG or JPG format and must not be attached to any Office or PDF document. They must be identified with the section of the page where they will be.
  • Videos: Any video required must be provided by the customer, preferably in MP4 format or in its absence indicate the internet address where it should be taken.
  • Files: In case you require additional files that weigh more than 20MB, the customer can use or to send their attachments in ZIP or RAR format.
4What should you know about the Web Developer in charge of your site?
There is a common idea that when hiring a site, the web designer "should take care of everything". IMPORTANT information you should know:
  • The fact that in a website there are videos doesn’t mean that the Web Developer must record, produce, edit and post them.
  • The fact that in a website they find texts doesn’t mean that the Web Developer must write them.
  • The fact that in a website they find images doesn’t mean that the Web Developer must take the photographs, correct the colors, contract the models and locate the locations.
  • The fact that a website is the logo of your company doesn’t mean that the Web Developer must design, vectorize or conceptualize it.
  • The Web Developer must not create his advertising image (choice of colors, fonts, etc.), that role is that of an advertising designer.
  • The Web Developer knows how to make and schedule a contact form, but doesn’t know what information the client wants to use as a market strategy for his company.
5Why choose us?
In we offer you our strategy of Shared Advertising, through it and totally free you’ll see a banner of your company in the other websites of our network of customers and these, in turn, will appear on your site.This will increase traffic in your visits, which will lead to potential customers and, consequently, increase your profits and recognition of your company.

In we put at your disposal the extensive experience and knowledge of professionals that make up our team. Programmers, designers and publicists will be responsible for adapting a site as your project warrants and your clients need.

In we guarantee a high quality website at a competitive price. The responsive design will allow the adaptation of your page on any mobile device (tablet, smartphone or PC), wherever it is, it will always have an excellent visualization. You only have to provide us with the information; the rest is taken care of by our productive team.


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